Mission of ISTEM*

Our mission is to produce skilled and capable learners. iSTEM believes PBL methodology enhances 21st century’s skills which will open the new door of opportunities. Learner possesses the skill like decision making and problem solving can smoothen his path towards success. The skill of leadership helps a student to take responsibilities to lead others. Negotiation skills help him to improve his interactions with outer world. Ethical skills and values help him understand his surroundings and human race and relationships in a better way .Thinking skills promoted critical analysis as well as creativity.

Moreover, We work to establish iSTEM as a domain of educational research center which could help to promote research integrity. iSTEM – An innovative learning platform inspires and encourages innovation is research culture that creates positive improvements both collectively and as individual . Facilitating an open discussion can foster a positive research environment. Encourage researchers, educators, practitioners, scholars and supports our own faculty / staff to find time and space to share ideas and experiences. By involving other institutions and sectors, publishing articles and research paper, taking part in training and work shops encourage to promote research culture and integrity.