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The pandemic Covid-19 caused campus closure and challenged our traditional face to face learning. Thus creating a paradigm shift in the teaching-learning process. Our traditional method of imparting. knowledge replaced by the virtual model. Though E learning is not a new phenomenon but we are not much familiar with this mode of instruction and facing difficulties. This webinar will provide participants an ideal environment for idea exchange, information dissemination, developing collaboration, introduction with digital tools and opportunities for meeting experts in the field of E learning. It will be worthwhile and helpful in resolving the current crisis prevailing in the education system as well as enhancing teaching, learning, and assessment.

Who are Illegible?

Respected Professors/Lecturers/Teachers/Research Scholars/Educators with immense pleasure ISTEM Bangladesh would like to invite you in the upcoming international Virtual Conference-2020 that is going to be held on 22nd August, 2020 on “Enhancing Teaching Learning Assessment Through E learning Techniques”. Experts from different parts of the world will join in this academic carnival to disseminate their knowledge & experiences about “Online Education” to motivate and enlighten us. Registration is free.

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