Why iSTEM?

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the fundamental  demand to shape up the future of any nation. They provide enabling skills and knowledge that increasingly underpin many professions and trades. Our istem program utilities these knowledge sources in application of knowledge to future focused learning and teaching. STEM education programs determines to ensure that all our young learners should be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge as well as experience they will need to succeed. ISTEM recognized the necessity to support the development of skills in cross disciplinary, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and digital technology which are essential in all 21st century occupation (job sector).

  1. The outcomes of istem education which stands on PBL  are:
    Students will be able to develop a project, proposal and design the  theoretical and conceptual framework.
  2. Select and apply appropriate research methods to solve a Stem based problems_ justify decision that is  made based on the findings and data.
  3. Students will learn to use tools, materials and process to produce a solution to an identified problem.
  4. Learners can solve aerodynamic problems related to lift,weight drag and thurst.
  5. Follow a process to identify and solve contemporary needs of society and work collaborately to solve problems.