The ISTEM BD is an innovative learning platform working to achieve an international standardized STEM education for Bangladeshi students. It is the first Project Based Learning (PBL) institution in Bangladesh that meets the global pedagogy in Dhaka .The  iSTEM BD can be considered one of the contributors  of STEM education that integrate knowledge and skills from various areas such as science , technology , engineering and mathematics with a view to inspire the young learners to develop critical thinking skills , deepen their understanding , strengthen their creativity and most of all to be capable of solving real life problems. In this sense this is an unique learning institution which emphasizes  modern style of learning through watching , observing and by hands on activities besides this PBL ( project based learning ) helps to develop cognitive levels of students ,shifting the center of learning of memory knowledge to the application of knowledge .

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Center in Bangladesh

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for English Medium School Students

from Standard 4 to A-Level (Edexcel/ Cambridge Qualifications)

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