Exploring iSTEM's Vibrant Extracurricular Activities

Nurturing Bright Minds Beyond the Classroom

In the bustling heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, iSTEM stands as a pioneering institution, blazing a trail in the realm of STEM education. As the first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school in Dhaka, iSTEM prides itself not only on its rigorous academic curriculum but also on its vibrant extracurricular activities that enrich the lives of its students. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the exciting extracurricular activities that make iSTEM a dynamic learning hub.

Yearly Study Tours: Broadening Horizons

iSTEM recognizes the importance of experiential learning, and its yearly study tours are a testament to this commitment. These tours take students on fascinating journeys, both within Bangladesh and abroad, exposing them to diverse cultures, historical landmarks, and cutting-edge STEM institutions. These trips not only provide valuable educational experiences but also foster camaraderie among students and teachers, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Annual Picnics: Fun and Relaxation

iSTEM is an equal opportunity institute so students from all the religion and cast or culture are encouraged to practice their own religious value and culture within the campus and beyond. In a nation where 90% of the population adheres to Islam, iSTEM recognizes the importance of instilling moral and religious values in its students. Beyond the academic curriculum, the school is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who understand and appreciate the ethical and spiritual dimensions of life. iSTEM places a strong emphasis on character education, fostering a sense of compassion, integrity, and social responsibility. Through carefully integrated programs and extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to embrace moral values that transcend cultural and religious boundaries.

We have arrangement for Muslim Student to learn Quran Recitation and
practice daily prayer.

Cultural Programs

iSTEM recognizes the importance of fostering cultural appreciation and diversity. Our cultural programs provide a platform for students to showcase their artistic talents through dance, music, drama, and other creative expressions. These events promote cultural awareness and encourage students to embrace their heritage while learning about others.

Various Quiz Competitions: Testing Knowledge and Quick Thinking

At iSTEM, intellectual engagement is highly valued, and various quiz competitions are organized throughout the year. These competitions cover a wide range of topics, including science, mathematics, technology, and general knowledge. They not only challenge students to test their knowledge but also encourage teamwork and healthy competition. iSTEM students regularly participate in national and international quiz competitions, bringing recognition and honor to the school.

Workshops and Seminars: A Platform for Learning

iSTEM believes in nurturing curiosity and critical thinking. Regular workshops and seminars are organized by experts in the STEM fields, giving students a unique opportunity to interact with professionals, learn about the latest developments, and explore potential career paths. These events ignite a passion for STEM and provide invaluable insights that go beyond the confines of the classroom. In conclusion, iSTEM’s commitment to extracurricular activities is a testament to its holistic approach to education. Beyond academic excellence, the school strives to create well-rounded individuals who are curious, creative, and confident. Through yearly study tours, annual picnics, STEM Fest, various quiz competitions, and educational workshops, iSTEM ensures that its students not only excel academically but also grow as individuals. These activities provide a nurturing environment where bright young minds can thrive and develop into future leaders in the STEM fields. iSTEM’s journey as the first STEM school in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a remarkable one, and its extracurricular activities play a pivotal role in shaping the future of STEM education in the region.